Radically Being Yourself

  • Are you being pulled along by the ideas, beliefs, opinions, and impositions of society, friends and family?

  • Are you stuck in the shoulds and shouldn’ts of group and relationship dynamics, fulfilling duties but dying a little inside each day?

  • Are you “getting ahead” in life but losing a sense of who you are for yourself?

  • Are you feeling lost or feeling yourself hitting walls of resistance?

How can Human Design help?

Entering into a personal experiment with your Human Design is a long-term process of consistently using some very simple tools which give you YOUR life, as YOURSELF.

It’s a pathway to know who you truly are, getting out of the suffering of your mind with its self-hatred and doubt.

No one can do it for you.  No one can tell you what the correct decisions are for you.  No one could ever possibly know what those are – only you can do it, one breath at a time.

However, together we can explore the mechanics of how you’ve been imprinted.  I can help you recognize the keys to your personal strategy and authority in this life, and give you support in following your own inner compass, which alone can give you the life that’s uniquely yours.

You can never figure out and control what you’re meant to be.  You can only live it. . . Give yourself a chance to actually see who you can be.  That’s really the great joy in this, because it’s a surprise, always.

He who knows others is wise; but he who knows himself is enlightened.

We’re here to be aware and that awareness begins with oneself.  It’s not seeking something that’s outside.

Human Design Services

The first step in the process is “meeting” your design. In this reading*, based on the exact time and place of your birth, I’ll describe the basic elements of your body graph so you understand what you’re looking at:

  • Definition and True Self – what’s fixed and reliable in you.
  • Not-Self – where you are transparent to the energies and definitions of those around you.
  • Type – one of five
  • Strategy – how to avoid resistance in life and signposts which help you see if you’re aligned with your true self or not
  • Authority – how to make decisions as YOU – the most valuable gift – your personal compass which leads you to YOUR life
  • Profile & Cross – part of the overall frequency you emanate in the world, and which becomes stronger as you follow your strategy and authority through life.

* This is not considered a Foundation Reading as I’m not yet a certified analyst. I am a certified Living Your Design guide and can do overview readings.

After you’ve had a reading, you will most likely start to have aha! moments as you begin to see how your not-self has dominated your life – and continues to do so! – and how your mind plays all its tricks on you.

The tools to living your design are simple: follow your personal STRATEGY and AUTHORITY.

Simple, but not easy, as there’s a whole de-conditioning process that needs to take place, as you let go of all of these layers which have built up and crowded out your true self, making it hard to hear your personal authority.

In these sessions it’s not my place to tell you what to do, but rather to constantly point you BACK TO YOURSELF.  You are the only one who knows what’s correct for YOU.

We can discuss situations and relationships in your life through the lens of your design, giving you a deeper understanding of your true self, so you can more easily recognize when you’re aligned or not.

The process of de-conditioning which happens in cycles of 7 years (remember, we’ve had years and years of conditioning injected into us!) will bring moments of “shattering”, as we begin to see our life with a new awareness and let go of the life we were living.

These sessions are about supporting you in that process as best I can.  I’m on that same path, so I may have some insights and inspiration for you.

If you’ve done a reading – it doesn’t have to be with me – you can embark on the first foundation course of Human Design – Living Your Design.

In Living Your Design, you’ll learn more about the Human Design system and the body graph:

  • The Revelation of Human Design through Ra Uru Hu
  • Components of the body graph
  • Each center and its biological and energetic function
  • Each type and their strategy
  • Each kind of personal authority
  • Definitions

This is not, however, a course in the normal sense of the word as we generally think.  The goal is not to study to get information, but rather to grow in awareness so that your mind can begin to recognize what your body already knows – your true strategy and authority in life.  It’s about brining the mind on as your ally in the process, rather than the rogue trickster it can be!

As you see more and more how life works through the flow of the body graph and how we filter consciousness through the centers as hubs of particular types of subtle energy, we also see more clearly what is our true self and what is our not-self.

So the objective is truly to LIVE YOUR DESIGN.

You’ll begin recognizing how the people around you are unique as well, and will get insights into what works in your relationships and what is challenging and why.  This is so useful in the process of surrendering to what is and allowing life to just be.

As you process the knowledge and commit to your experiment of following your own strategy and authority, your awareness changes.  That internal shift is what begins to move externally to shift the way you relate to life and life relates to you.

It’s not a bed of roses.  Rather, it’s usually a filtering process of giving up situations and relationships which are not actually correct for you so that you have space for something more aligned with your true self.

What could be more worthy of your surrender to this process, though, than being your own personal authority and living your own unique life?