12 February 2021

New Moon
Lessons in love of self
Confession of past mistakes
In exchange for
A new clean slate

Reflection and adaption
Cyclical movement of creativity
Brought forth in its own time
Stimulating as an expression
Of a lifelong receptivity

Earth over Earth
Gaping open down the center
For Black Magic to
Fill a deep well
Unconscious and unavailable
Until called out
By the ones who get past
The guardian cynic

Valuable relating is
Well-earned enthusiasm
Opening to a truth and transformation
Of depth and surprising solutions
Instinctual natural talent
That shies from eyes
Preferring its hermit cave

To practice and perfect its form
Then share in communicable contribution
And hold together a collective
Through the inspirational
Expression of authenticity

Shining progress and change
Holding a light
Even in the face of rejection
Studying the human way
The hero’s journey
Living the experience
And reflecting in maturation

A creative prodigal
Putting into form
Stimulating inspiration
When the timing is right
And recognition rings

Futile attempts at strategy
Punish the wanderer
Focus is not part of the design
Living and breathing
A cyclical experience
Will bring those
Who can open the well
And light the Fire over Earth