8 March 2023

Waiting with attention
Inner-seeing and feeling
How the energy flows
And what goes where and how

Waiting in the energy
Meeting the energy with
Emptiness that’s as deep as the ocean
A full well of
No agenda

Fear and fear porn
Thrown at you from every which way
Hoping it’ll stick
And turn you into
A slave of mind strategies
That can defeat the invisible monsters of our
Collective mind

How do you wait in the midst of that?
The arrows are flying
Coming in from all directions

Zen individualism
Calmness in the storm
Stillness in the tornado
Cool presence in the now

In the nowness of being
A waiting, rich with being
Cool and calm
Hopeful and with no agenda

Agendless in an agenda-filled world?

How the hell does that work, the mind questions?
And immediately throws a number of dysfunctional strategies at the wall
Hoping they’ll stick
And turn you into
A slave in the net of the collective consciousness

Falling, not rising
Accepting slavery
To the beautiful servant but terrible master
Of the mind
Imprisoned by fear and its subsequent

Then there’s waiting
There’s always waiting
There’s always an invitation to wait

And in that waiting
To feel
To sense
To know
To be

And be the being needed in the now
Pulling out of the aether what’s needed
For the other
Without knowing how, why, where or what
Just passively present
And receptively prescient

In the midst of the strategic,
A passive receptive presence in the now