7 August 2020

Soul-nurturing attitude.
Full scope of freedom to be understood.
By a soul seeking center and self.

Standing on my own.
Free to be the one I know myself to be.

In contemplation and mindful creation.
States of fluid imagination and concentration.

Deep waters of the most electric blue.
A hue that defies all that you knew.
An invitation for a dive within.
A soulful solitude.

Solitude, but not seclusion.
In deep waters of that hue of blue there are profound vibrations.
Wave upon wave of revelatory sensations.
Oneness defies aloneness.

In depth of solitude there is a certain seeking
To know
To sense
That further down the current of connectedness
The soul takes up residence in the heart of another.
Or of many others.

For solitude is that flexible space in which to dance one’s own dance
In rhythm with the breath of love and the soulfulness of all life
Aloneness need not mean loneliness.