A Purely Biological Healing Science

  • Have you had a health experience which the “experts” have not been able to help you with?

  • Do you or someone you know suffer from allergies or a chronic health issue, and would you like to know why and how to resolve it?

  • Would you like to understand what’s happening with your child’s or even your pet’s health?

  • Could “diseases” actually have a sensible biological purpose?

  • Would you like to learn to trust your body and take full responsibility for your own health?

  • Are you ready to throw out everything you thought you knew about health and “disease” and learn from the beginning?

What is Germanische Heilkunde?

Germanische Heilkunde (GHk) was discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in 1981.  He said it was the greatest gift of the gods that has ever been bestowed upon mankind, restoring to us the “god-like” freedom which ancestral Germanic tribes experienced.

This is the sacred science which explains our own biology, describing how the body works as part of nature.  Dr. Hamer’s research over decades shows the biological cause and purpose of every natural process which we have up until now wrongly termed “disease” or “illness” or “sickness”, including cancer, chronic “diseases”, allergies and psychoses.

The foundational scientific knowledge which GHk reveals is that the body is always doing something meaningful.  It does not turn on or attack itself or make mistakes.  The body is always purposefully dealing with life, simultaneously on three levels: psyche, brain and organ.  With GHk we finally have the psyche placed back at the center of our biological processes, where it’s been missing for the last 100-150 years.

Although we often experience these processes as uncomfortable and painful, when we can understand the cause and purpose of what we’re experiencing, we learn to trust our own bodies, and we can choose to work with nature and not against her, overcoming our fear and anxiety about “disease”.

The five biological laws of GHk (see below) show exactly how your body is always working for you to thrive, and not just survive.  With this knowledge, you are the expert on your own health and become free from the dependence on a pharma-funded sick care system which is failing.

What are considered “miraculous” or “spontaneous” self-healings in the broken conventional allopathic model are simply everyday occurrences in GHk.  They are what’s expected and normal.

Trusting this natural wisdom of the body is true embodiment.

Does this resonate with you? Are you open to learning more?

Why is it called Germanische Heilkunde?

Originally, Dr. Hamer called this Germanic New Medicine, or simply The New Medicine. However, as he witnessed the distortion of his discoveries that began under this original name, he decided to distance his connection from it.

Additionally, due to witnessing the extreme harm being done within the Rockefeller medical system of the last century, as opposed to the true practice of medicine, he decided to get rid of the word “medicine” altogether.  With a wealth of understanding about etymology and a love for precise language, Dr. Hamer carefully and purposefully chose Germanische Heilkunde as a replacement.

Germanic” makes reference to the pre-Roman Germanic tribes, living in alignment with nature and its rhythms, in freedom, honesty and with a sense of family and community support, as opposed to the Roman way of domination of others.

The actual latin and gallic etymology of “germani speaks of brotherhood. “Heil” means healing, but also with the sense of it being holy.  “Kunde” means knowledgable, but with a special significance related to art, as in well-versed and skilled.  Put together, “heilkunde” carries the idea of a holy and skilled knowledge, science and art of healing.

In essence, Germanic Heilkunde refers to the ability to skilfully serve and help with the successful accomplishment of mother nature’s own sacred processes, with the view that the healing process is a social experience.  The individual is healthy when the community is healthy.

Dr. Hamer’s vision was to bring back truth and humaneness to the healing arts.  He said the GHk therapist should bring all of their deep knowledge, skill, heart and a sense of brother or sisterhood into the relationship with the one who turned to them for help in their healing.

Germanic Heilkunde pushes open the gate to a completely new medicine.  Behind us lies the wreckage of the old academic medicine, before us Nature in its glory and beauty, and closely connected with it, Germanic Heilkunde, scientifically logical, and in spite of that, endlessly humane.  

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician.  Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.

The time will come when the work of the physician will not be to treat and attempt to heal the body, but to heal the mind, which in turn will heal the body. . . and still later there will come a time when everyone is his own doctor, the more he finds alignment with the higher laws of life and uses the powers of his mind.

Doctors are men who prescribe medicine of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.

What hope is there for medical science to ever become a true science when the entire structure of medical knowledge is built around the idea that there is an entity called disease which can be expelled when the right drug is found?

One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.

Two-thirds of scientific work in biology since 1945 is fraud, led by secretiveness, dishonesty, hunger for money/fame, lack of proper equipment and compartmentalization in science.

The Five Biological Laws of GHk

In 1981, through his investigation into the cause of cancer, beginning with his own, Dr. Hamer discovered the five biological laws at work 100% of the time in living beings (in us and in animals and to a more limited degree even in plants!).  These unchanging laws determine how, when and why the body makes purposeful biological changes to help resolve and survive biological conflict shocks.

Our bodies are natural and function based on the laws of nature, just as all living beings do.  Natural laws are in effect 100% of the time and can be investigated, tested and verified by any man, woman or child through their own experience.  In stark contrast to the academic medicine paradigm, in GHk there are no statistics, guesswork, hypotheses or theories involved, but rather laws of nature and pure biology.

These specific five biological laws of GHk bring complete clarity and freedom, calming your fear as you go through challenging healing processes, which can now be better understood as purposeful biological programs.

Dr. Hamer’s first major discovery, this law describes the cause and course of all so-called “diseases” which seemingly appear out of nowhere, including chronic illness, allergies, cancer and pyschoses.  (GHk does not apply to poisoning, severe malnutrition or direct physical trauma).

In GHk the words “disease” or “illness” are no longer used, as we find out that these processes have a very specific biological purpose.  Here we find the psyche finally put back in its rightful place in biological processes, having been put aside by conventional medicine over the last 100 years or more.

First Criterion:  All Significant Biological Special Programs (SBS) are caused by a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS): an acute & dramatic, unexpected, and isolating conflict shock experience (it must have all three elements underlined), which always occurs simultaneously on three levels: pscyhe-brain-organ.

Second Criterion: The biological conflict at the moment of the DHS determines the localization of the SBS in the brain as the “Hamer Focus” as well as the localization on the corresponding organ tissue.

Third Criterion: The development of the SBS on all three levels (pscyhe-brain-organ) is a synchronous process, from the moment of the DHS through all points of the program until returning back to regular health .

Given there is a resolution to the original biological conflict, the SBS will run its course through two distinct phases.

At the moment of the DHS a prolonged conflict active phase begins where you are in heightened sympathicotonia.  That is, the autonomic nervous system is in a sympathetic stress phase to help you to find a resolution to your shocking experience.  You’ve got cold hands and feet, less appetite, extra energy with accelerated breathing and heart rate, your psyche is obsessed with the event, and you don’t sleep well.  It’s a state of permanent stress.  Other than the symptoms here mentioned, which can often go unnoticed in our stressful society, it is rare to sense other conflict active symptoms during this phase, unless it continues for a prolonged time.

After Conflict Resolution (“Conflictolysis”), the restoration or healing phase begins, known as pcl-Phase (“post Conflictolysis phase”), where you are in a lasting vagatonia.  That is, your vagus nerve takes over your autonomic nervous system in order for you to rest and repair.  You now have warm hands and a good appetite, but you also experience fatigue, fever, headaches, inflammation, pain and other more specific symptoms of healing on the organ level.  It’s the uncomfortable and painful phase of an SBS, sometimes extremely so, due to increased swelling on both brain and organ levels (healing always happens in a fluid environment).  During this phase is normally when people run to the doctor, though all the symptoms here experienced are, in fact, the signs of resolution and healing!

The pcl-Phase is interrupted by the Epilelptic/Epileptoid Crisis in the middle, which is a brief return to heightened sympathicatonia in order to push all the swelling out of the brain and organ.  You can experience yet again the symptoms of the conflict active phase.  After this crisis, which can often happen in the middle of the night, you need to get rid of all that liquid and find yourself in the pee phase!  Following this, you return to vagatonia and the pcl-phase moves towards the finish line.  The discomfort now diminishes daily as scarring takes place on both the organ and brain levels.  Then there’s a return back to normal health!

This is where the genius of Dr. Hamer’s findings are really evident.

The biological changes which happen in each SBS are determined by embryology!  Each organ, corresponds to a specific germ layer – and sometimes multiple layers – which in turn have their correspondence to different parts of the brain.

In the conflict active phase, you could experience either cell/tissue proliferation or cell/tissue necrosis/ulceration, depending on the germ layer and the part of the brain in charge of that layer and the biological purpose of the change.  Remember, the body’s goal is for you to resolve the stressful event and all of these purposeful changes have the goal of helping you accomplish just that.

After conflict resolution, in the pcl-phase the body reverses the changes in tissue which it made in the conflict active phase.  Therefore, either tissue needs to be broken down and cleaned out.  Or the ulceration/necrosis needs to undergo reconstruction.  This phase always takes place in a fluid environment, i.e. edema or swelling.

On a special note, in one part of the brain, the cerebral cortex, there is also the possibility of functional loss in the conflict active phase and return to normal functioning in the pcl-phase.

It can seem confusing at first, but to resume, all SBS’s are controlled by a particular brain area, which determines exactly the process of that SBS and the symptoms you will experience.  All of this is determined when we are still embryos, developing each tissue layer!

The Hamer Compass helps you understand at each moment where exactly you are in an SBS and what to expect on all three levels, given as they run synchronously.

Here’s where you can get rid of so much fear!

Microbes are NOT the cause of disease!  That is the old and outdated germ theory which has been disproven a number of times.  They have historically got a bad rap because they are present at the “scene of the crime”.  However, think about fire fighters.  They are also found at the scene of the crime!  So did they cause it?  Or are they there to clean it up?

Microbes actually are an essential part of the living organism which we call our body, and are directed by the brain during the pcl-phase to become part of the repair process.

We have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes in our bodies.  Always present, they step in to help only during a pcl-phase, where, depending on the germ layer, they will either assist in a) tearing up cell/tissue growth which happened during the conflict active phase, or b) reconstructing tissue after ulceration/necrosis happened.  Then they go dormant again.

Depending on how long the conflict active phase was, the pcl-phase can sometimes be quite intense and call on a large number of microbes (fungi, mycobacteria, bacteria) to help clean up the mess, so to speak.

If we are constantly killing off or avoiding these microbes we will experience more difficult pcl-phases as we won’t have the possibility to heal in a purely biological way with these precise little surgeons who live in our body.  This can leave us with poorly restored organs after an SBS, where the body has to resort to encapsulation of a tumour or calcification of tissue.

Understanding the role of our marvelous microbes helps us to be more discerning in the use of anti-microbials or antibiotics so that we can be somewhat comfortable during the healing phases without completely interrupting the work of the ones who are helping us to heal!

Dr. Hamer recommended drinking raw milk to ensure always having proper bacteria.  Getting in the dirt, petting animals, not being too obsessive with hygiene, avoiding alcohol disinfectants, etc., will help to improve the microbial life inside of us which we depend on for our healing!

All Significant Biological Special Programs have meaning and fulfill a particular purpose!

We come full circle to where we began – with the essential knowledge that our bodies are always doing something meaningful.  Never random.  They are not making mistakes.

This differs greatly from what is termed “psychosomatic.”  It’s not about your psyche creating problems in the body.

The psyche is part of your biology and your survival.

The body follows biological laws in order to help us best survive and solve each shocking experience, from the most minor to the greatest traumas.

Due to a very specific DHS, an exact SBS takes place, determined by the subjective perspective of the individual pscyhe, controlled by an exact part of the brain and creating tissue changes on an exact part of an organ.  All for a very specific survival purposeNothing is coincidental or arbitrary.  This encompasses every single known so-called “disease”, including cancer, which was exactly what initiated Dr. Hamer’s study, leading to the discovery of the five biological laws.

We label the expression of symptoms as disease because until these discoveries we have been ignorant of the meaning of these bodily processes.

In understanding the role of the psyche and the body’s purpose in making instantaneous changes, we can begin to learn and grow from these processes, as our bodies teach us how we see and react to our world.

If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.

Nature does nothing uselessly.

Nature understands no jesting.  She is always true, always serious, always severe.  She is always right, and the errors are always those of man.

If we think that the world of organisms is a world of machines, we will begin to treat each other as machines. That is the huge danger of this whole mechanistic model of organisms. That’s this terrible nightmare coming true.

Germanische Heilkunde is CAUSAL Therapy

The SBS IS therapy – it is nature’s therapy to help you solve your conflict shock.  Built into the biological program is the resolution of the cause – the conflict shock – as well as the process of returning the tissues to their original state and the body to normal day-night rhythm.  The concept of “being sick” or “having a disease” no longer has meaning.

Symptoms are part of a meaningful biological program, not a sign of disease.  Your symptoms tell you the story of what has happened to you.  It’s the body which informs you about your psyche.

You must address the cause – the DHS – which started the biological program, in order to fully heal.

If you merely treat symptoms but not the cause, you are interrupting the body’s own natural and purposeful biological program and can potentially prolong the self-healing process or turn it into something chronic.

There are no magical pills or protocols or one-size-fits-all solutions in GHk because each living being is an individual.  Using GHk requires embodying the knowledge and using it humanely to determine the individual needs in each SBS.

Although in some very particular cases a few specific medications may be necessary (for example, insulin or thyroid hormones), so-called “therapies” like chemotherarpy, radiotherapy, morphine and other toxic interventions work against the five biological laws, are dangerous and can be fatal, and therefore simply not compatible with Germanische Heilkunde.

In GHk spontaneous self-healing is always the intended goal!  It’s built into the Senseful Biological Special Program from the very beginning!

Symptoms, though sometimes extremely painful and uncomfortable, are actually a reason to rejoice!   Their appearance show that you’ve resolved your conflict shock!

We always work backwards from the symptoms to the organ, to the brain relay, to the conflict shock, to find the original DHS – the actual cause.

The knowledge of GHk is your key to staying calm and trusting the body to do its work.  Working to overcome the fears and giving the body the rest and the time it needs to complete its process is an important part of the therapy.

GHk is not about doing nothing.  From the exact knowledge of the 5 biological laws and the specific SBS that’s been experienced, you gain the wisdom to know if, when and how to intervene, as well as how best to support the natural process.

No one can heal you. Your body heals itself, and your pysche must be involved in the process.  In GHk, it is the patient who is the authority and the therapist is only a witness and a guide.  No one can tell you what you have to do, and no one can do it for you.  You must resolve your own conflicts for yourself in your own unique way.

  • ~ Some examples of GHk Individual Biological Therapies ~

    I’m NOT a GHk therapist and this is NOT medical advice!

  • A divorce, a new job, moving to a new city – these are sometimes the chosen therapy in the case that a conflict cannot be reasonably resolved within the context where the conflict happened.
  • Financial support from family or the community is a compassionate therapy if someone is in an intense pcl-phase which requires taking extended time off of work and allowing the body to rest and finish its process. This support can avoid further conflicts (eg. an existence conflict), which would complicate healing and in some cases lead to a fatal outcome.
  • Dr. Hamer was known to give someone money to help them solve a starvation conflict in the liver, which can often happen due sudden and unexpected financial difficulties.
  • Not solving the conflict can actually sometimes be the best possible therapy, specifically in some exceptional cases where the epi-crisis in the pcl-phase would be too intense and most likely fatal. Dr. Hamer even recommended to a few patients to never retire, so they’d stay in their conflict at work and avoid full resolution.
  • Sometimes medication is unavoidable. For example, someone who’s had insulin-dependent diabetes for 30 years has too much of a conflict load built up and the conflict resolution could lead to a fatal hypoglycemia after the epi-crisis. In a case like that, Dr. Hamer would say to just keep taking the insulin and leave the conflict alone.

Do you see how diverse, subtle, nuanced, case-specific and compassionate GHk therapy is?

There is never one right answer for everyone. 

All life factors needed to be accounted for and the individual must find their own unique solution.  

We always have to return to the DHS in diagnostics, in order to understand what the patient thought, felt and sensed at that moment.  The tracks have to be taken into account as well.  Once the two phases have been traversed, the cycle is concluded.  Nature has seen to it that the individual can master the unusual challenge, become well, and even emerge stronger from it. Significant Biological Special Programme: the name indicates this already; each ‘illness’ has a biological purpose!

If I were to become ill with cancer, then I would under no circumstances allow myself to be treated in a conventional cancer centre.  Only those cancer victims who keep their distance from such centres have a chance of survival.

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.

Have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?

Make Germanische Heilkunde your hobby and learn as much as you can as long as you’re healthy.  You can’t teach someone how to swim when he or she is drowning. 

Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

The transformation of our healthcare culture won’t happen by leaving it to the very institutions that profit from our chronic disease and disparity. Real equity comes from reclaiming our bodies, reskilling medicine, and returning medicine to the people.

Start Learning while You’re Healthy!

Click on Helmut Pilhar’s image to begin learning from his lectures. 

Having been directly appointed by Dr. Hamer, he dedicated over 20 years of his life to teaching GHk in its pure form to all of the German speaking world.  

Before his death in 2022 he freely gave away this crucial information, now translated into English.

Some introduction videos in English:

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