That’s my aura type.

A projector is not in this life for doing.
Not for expending a lot of energy.
Not for working and building and constantly connecting.

A projector is about awareness – free-floating awareness that can guide energy.  More specifically, projectors guide other people’s energy.

Hence the invitation.  It’s an invitation for the projector to guide.

So in Human Design, the auric strategy of a projector is to wait for the invitation.

In essence, this is about not interfering until the projector’s awareness is invited by the energy of others.

Said another way, the strategy of a projector is to leave the energy alone until the energy invites a bit of awareness to the process.

My projector mentor told me a couple of months ago: “The invitation is so important. The invitation makes or breaks. When it comes to people it’s very important because we (projectors) get lost in people. So we rely, not on the person, we rely on the invitation and whether there’s resonance in the invitation that can really hold us while we lose ourselves in the person.”

This is the wisdom of experience that you simply don’t get when first introduced to the concept of the invitation and beginning to experiment with what it might mean.

The recognition of invitation is not mental, but something to be embodied. That’s what the projector aura is naturally capable of.  However, that’s only when the projector mind can finally let go and allow the body to navigate life and its invitations.

So a projector doesn’t try to figure out or strategize about the invitation. You really do just wait for it. It’s not the mind waiting for the invitation.  (As if the mind could wait for anything! haha)

It literally is the body that’s waiting – waiting to be seen by the other. The projector body is animated when someone else recognizes who that projector is and what kind of awareness he or she can bring to the energy party.

As a passive receptive splenic projector with no motors, my true and natural modus operandi is merely beingness. Not waiting for anything in particular – not in any focused or strategic way. For me it’s just about being.

However, I was struck with the realization the other day that this projector aura of mine is, in fact, truly waiting for the invitation.

Not in a strategic way, as I said. Not with the goal of anything in particular happening.

This projector body is simply not interested in being involved in anything with anyone except through recognition and invitation.  Then I feel animation.  Something comes alive in me.

This realization was like an explosion for me.

My busy not-self mind spends its days trying to come up with things I can do and make happen so that I can have experience, prove my worth, and progress in life.
It has been a battle the last year to see all that busybody meddling of the mind and NOT do what it says. To learn to relax back into my natural passive receptivity, into my non-energetic projector aura type.

A flip has switched. The body is gaining traction. And with that, I am seeing how this body can’t be moved by the old tricks and games of the not-self mind. The “make something happen” mode I lived in for years and years has lost its power.

I am seeing the naturalness of the mode called “waiting for the invitation”.

And the true invitation, for me, brings the frequency of hope, of play, of something sweet, of the chance to be recognized for who I am, and to bring a bit of spontaneous awareness to an experience for which there’s no agenda on my part.

The invitation brings with it all the energy and conditions for the possibility of the signature of success.

The invitation is truly everything for the projector aura. Because the invitation is not just about the person making it. It is an energetic field in and of itself. The invitation holds all the subtle energy, all the possibilities, all the protection, all the necessities, for the experience to be something that brings the frequency of success, satisfaction, peace or surprise to myself and whoever is involved.

The invitation is truly something beautiful. Without it, my body just wants to be left alone to be. To do nothing. Simply to be in its floating, flitting butterfly-like mode of living.

The invitation draws me down from the clouds to alight on the earth for a moment and feel into the potential flowering of beauty.

Before taking off again and simply being in the flow of ephemerality.