The point of departure is stillness and silence.

This is the beginning.
Something new can be born from this quiet place of non-doing.

Imagine a life where you don’t try to make anything happen.
Where there are no intentions or objectives.

A meaningless life, you say?
The meaning is in the living. What more could you ask for?

Life itself.

We are merely here to live. Everything is already happening.

Life is.

So you join life. No. . .you already are life.
Stepping out from still silence, you feel into your place one movement at a time.

Doing by non-doing. Counterintuitive? No. It’s the most intuitive mode imaginable. Counter culture? Highly.

The most countercultural act is to merely be yourself. It’s the breaking of a covenant considered so sacred in society – the promise of loyalty to the collective psychosis of sameness.

Stand out and be yourself.

From silence and stillness, the self emerges.
To begin from having no intention other than to let natural movement happen.
To allow life to be.

You see, life is.

Life already is.
It is happening. Life moves from stillness and sounds out from silence.

As a wave in the ocean, you find your trajectory as life pulls you towards your unique shore.

There’s nothing to do. Doing gets done. Happening happens.

Musical movement is the natural state emerging from still silence.