Sometimes what you need is a projector.

You just need a projector.

The only aura type that has the capacity to truly see you for who you are and who you’re not. Someone with a natural gift to recognize the other.

When you need guidance, this is where a projector shines. Your best bet for powerful guidance is a projector – an aware projector. A projector who is being a projector.

But where are all these projectors?

Running around pretending they’re manifesting generators. Playing the energy game. Wanting to be in the middle of all the energy. Plugged in. All the time.

I was one of those. Trying to prove that I could keep up with the energy world around me. Be the social animal that’s expected. Trying to make so many things happen, hungry for experience after experience. Completely addicted to the energy of others and extremely needy when said energy went bye-bye.

Now that I’ve left that life behind and am stepping into the rhythm of a projector life, which is much more spacious and quiet, I feel that my natural gift to recognize – the gift of awareness of who is in front of me and what they’re about – is slowly coming back online.

This is the gift we as projectors have to give to the other.

It’s the most precious jewel. It’s the spice in the energy soup.

However, when I look around, hoping for a projector to confide in, to share with, to commune with, I find busy little fake manifesting generators. No time. No space. No energy to be what they’re gifted to be. They’re as inundated with things to do as I was previously.

Now I see. Now I understand the travesty of our collective situation and the insanity of my former modus operandi.

Even more insane is the fact that I prided myself on the fact that people knew I was very very busy. Oh yes, a busy busy woman: I’m doing things. Doing very important things. So I can prove that I have worth in this busy, busy world. Because I’m doing what you do in the busy world – I’m being beautifully busy!

Yes, it’s true. I was proud of someone saying, “Hey, I know you’re busy, but do you think you have some time for. . .”

Doing things. Doing lots of things. All the time.
This is what I was conditioned to believe was the way to live, to show that you can be a “productive member of society”. Do, do, do, do, and do a little more.

Now I call bullshit on my skewed and messed up mindset.

Very few people are here in this life to be that busy. And the ones who are built for it are usually busy with things that don’t actually matter and are not juicy and satisfying to their energy.

The whole world has things upside down. There’s no honoring of energy and place.

Energy and place.

It all comes down to this. Being true to the individual energy of your body. And being in the right place. Knowing your place.

A projector’s true place is far from the busy world of busy-ness.

The place of the projector is where he or she can be recognized for being a natural guide of energy, not the energy itself. Being recognized for true self – the guide of others. Having spaciousness in life to be available only for the others who recognize and invite guidance.

We are sorely in need of projectors who are projectors. Projectors who are not too busy to see.
To practice their superpower of seeing. Truly seeing whoever is in front of them.

I’m recognizing that now, little by little. We projectors bring something special to life. We don’t bring the energy – we bring the special touches of awareness to help the energy along.

If we’re not in our place, who will be?